Seneca Digital Security and Surveillance Project Registration

The purpose of the Seneca registration program is to provide security customers the opportunity to submit projects for special considerations. The project registration process can provide:

  1. Dealer support for integrators involved in the specification process
  2. Sales support to assist in closing the opportunity
  3. Longer-term visibility to sales opportunities, providing customers the sales engineering resources to win the business with Seneca
  4. Field Sales support for integrator and end user project deployment/system design and recommendations
  5. Special pricing considerations as outlined within the project scope

By completing the project registration, Seneca security customers are provided the following benefits:


  • Access to Seneca sales expertise
  • Support from pre-sales engineering resources
  • Eligible for special pricing

Guidelines & Requirements

  • Opportunity must be for an integrator and end user
  • Project must be submitted for Seneca security branded product
  • Distribution can register the project for discount but must include customer information
  • Project registration does not guarantee special pricing. Valid “Meet Comp” or “Target Pricing” will be considered for registered projects
  • Project Registration will be valid for 90 days upon receipt of quote

Please complete the following form to register a sales opportunity. The fields with an asterisk (*) are required.


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